Sprouted wheat grains,
Olive oil, Salt, Water, Yeast



Sprouted wheat grains,
Olive oil, Salt, Water, Yeast



Sprouted wheat grains, Linseed,
Sesame seeds, Sunflower seeds,
Pumpkin seeds, Olive oil, Yeast, Salt


Tonus - Standard

Tonus - Mix Semki

Tonus - Bez kvasec

Tonus - Nigella Sativa

Tonus - Mesan rzan

Tonus - Zbogaten so ĆIA


Tonus - Zbogaten so PCENKA

Recommendations for consumption

“ TONUS ” is recommended to the consumption by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Institute of Nutrition of Russian Academy of Medical Science of the Russian Federation and the Diabetic Center of Bulgaria as an health improving product for all strata of the population including for the organized nourishing of schoolboys and preschool children and also for a diabetic and dietary nutrition.


All over the world the most valuable property of the person is its health and depends it basically on a nutrition.

The product with the following properties would be ideal ( from the point of view of a healthy nutrition):

  • Provides the person with necessary nutritious and biologically valuable substances contained in a product in balanced and organism suitable for assimilability kind
  • It is ecologically pure, does not contain any preservatives and accumulated (unbecoming) by an organism substances;
  • Constantly clears body of slags, carcinogenic and other harmful substances.


And 20 years ago in Russia such product were created. It is the bread without flour made directly from an integral grain, which has been led up to a stage of germination. This bread is created with the purpose of maximal use of all nutrients of a wheat grain.

According to the “know-how” of baking of this bread : a grain sustain a thorough surface cleaning, then it is being led up to a stage of germination, then it is being dispergated (grinded)  receiving dough grain mass , and further this bread is baked under the traditional technology.

This bread contains a plenty of food fibres. Consumption of 250 g of  “TONUS” bread per day let our body receive   40-45 g. of fibres. Daily norm of 50 g. is recommended.

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