Bread without flour “TONUS” – a high-grade product for healthy nutrition


All over the world the most valuable property of the person is its health and depends it basically on a nutrition.

The product with the following properties would be ideal ( from the point of view of a healthy nutrition):

  • Provides the person with necessary nutritious and biologically valuable substances contained in a product in balanced and organism suitable for assimilability kind
  • It is ecologically pure, does not contain any preservatives and accumulated (unbecoming) by an organism substances;
  • Constantly clears body of slags, carcinogenic and other harmful substances.


And 20 years ago in Russia such product were created. It is the bread without flour made directly from an integral grain, which has been led up to a stage of germination. This bread is created with the purpose of maximal use of all nutrients of a wheat grain.

According to the “know-how” of baking of this bread : a grain sustain a thorough surface cleaning, then it is being led up to a stage of germination, then it is being dispergated (grinded)  receiving dough grain mass , and further this bread is baked under the traditional technology.

This bread contains a plenty of food fibres. Consumption of 250 g of  “TONUS” bread per day let our body receive   40-45 g. of fibres. Daily norm of 50 g. is recommended.

According to the data of National Center of Hygiene of Ministry of Health in Bulgaria the content of alimentary fibers in bread “Tonus” is 22 percent,  in this volume 13 percent content soluble food fibres and 9 percent content non-soluble food fibres (FF) and that is in 20 times more then in widespread bread.

Thus the structure and the sizes of fibers are those that they allow to clear thoroughly all surface of a gastro enteric path and also other internal bodies and systems.

Blood is being also cleared. At the use of “TONUS” with food which always contains the certain amount of carcinogenic and toxic substances  FF of  “TONUS” absorb these substances providing the constant maintenance in cleanliness of internal bodies and systems of an organism.

Remarkable properties FF of “TONUS” consist also in fact that they due to strong absorbing properties allow to delete already deposited and even chronic slag formations.

Except for it, food fibers of “TONUS” stimulate and strengthen peristalsis of intestine and reduce time of evacuation of intestine after reception of food till 7-8 hours whereas after eating a modern refined food it makes 26-27 hours and even  greater (about 3 day). Such long time of a presence of excrement masses in a rectum is fraught with many troubles including development of the pathogenic micro flora causing various heavy diseases of a gastro enteric path down to a cancer.

Recommendations for consumption

“ TONUS ” is recommended to the consumption by Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Institute of Nutrition of Russian Academy of Medical Science of the Russian Federation and the Diabetic Center of Bulgaria as an health improving product for all strata of the population including for the organized nourishing of schoolboys and preschool children and also for a diabetic and dietary nutrition.


The use of this bread is recommended to senior persons with  atherosclerosis and ischemic illness of heart, hyper tension illness, a diabetes, adiposity, diskansion  of bile-duct ways and large intestine as a treatment-and-prophylactic product.

In general ” TONUS ” is bread as bread for the daily mass consumption having thus enormous treatment-and-prophylactic properties and extraordinary high ability of cleaning a human body.


At present a lot of the “grain” breads have appeared  having in a basis a flour and as the additive (5 – 30 %) – various kinds and combinations of grains :flattened, crushed and etc. All these breads differ from “TONUS”, first of all, a basis of these breads is the flour that have low biological value, and, secondly, the grain which is taking place in their structure, is not lead up to an active stage of germination and not dispergated for  reception of easily assimilated elements and qualitative food fibers. The integral grain, as is known, practically is not assimilated by an organism.


For the curative properties and high consumer qualities bread “TONUS” has received a high appraisal at the international level. The Gold medal on the world Fair in Plovdiv in 1999, the Supreme Award at the International exhibition ” Inter – Eko ” in Sofia, the Gold medal of the international exhibition ” Prodekspo – 2001″ , “Russian food products – 2001 ” in Moscow have been awarded to this bread . At world exhibition IBA-2000 in Munich “TONUS” bread was recognized as unique, not having analogues in the world product. “TONUS” bread is included in a nomination of ” 100 best goods of Russia ” and “the Book of records of a planet “, 2007 – The Gold medal on the Exhibition “School foods” Expocenter, the Gold medal of the international exhibition ” Prodekspo – 2013″ Moscow and others.


Baking of “TONUS” grain bread without flour  is easily entered in the classical “know-how” of bread: dough kneading, dividing, proving and a baking itself. But it is necessary to receive on the special equipment dough mass from the grain which have been lead up in conditions of manufacture up to a stage of germination.

Special equipment for manufacturing  this grain bread consists of 2 machines (husking and dispergating). Husking machine clears a grain preserving a germ. Dispergating (grinding and/or crushing) machine crushes swelled grain to receive a dough mass.

Both the technology and the special equipment for manufacturing of  grain bread without flour “TONUS” are patented.

In summary

In summary it is necessary to note that daily consumption of bread “TONUS” guarantees to us:

  • constant careful cleaning of a gastro enteric path, blood and other internal systems of an organism due to a plenty of the food fibres
  • maintenance of an organism with the balanced rich set of irreplaceable amino acids, mineral elements, vitamins in easy assimilated form.

In general, “TONUS” bread is necessary daily food product and a valuable medicine for achievement and preservation of health.

Some advantages

We would like to draw your attention to some more advantages of our technology to produce bread without flour .

  • In our technology grain is being used up to 96-97% what leads to greater economy of grain
  • Cost of our bread is lower as our prime raw material (grain) is cheaper than flour
  • It is much easier to store grain than flour
  •  Our technology eliminates the cost  and complexity of grain transportation  to milling plants
  • Under this technology we can solve the problem  of health nutrition in Fast Food chains by  using our grain mass instead of flour dough
  • Endless opportunities to produce pastas , pizzas and other different products from grain mass
  • Grain mass can be stored in frozen state